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Are you looking to Air Canada date change your Trip on Air Canada ?air canada date change

Air Canada change policy allows you to make changes to your Trip plans beyond 8 hours of your scheduled flights. If you are scheduled to fly with in 8 days your flights are not allowed to change and tickets cancelled are non-refundable. Change in Travel beyond 8 hours are subject to a minor change fee and fare difference if any and your Trip can be changed

To Air Canada date change your Trip and know the cost and conditions please contact Air Canada  Customer Care +1(888)360-8383

Air Canada allows you to change your flight prior 24 hrs of your flight departure. Following are the change fees applies to your ticket if you are changing 24 hours prior to your Air Canada Flight Departure.

Fare Type Change Fee
Standard Domestic USD 200.00
Standard Economy International USD 300.00 + USD 35.00 Service Fee
Business Class International USD 125.00
Same Date Changes to another flight USD 99.00


In addition to above charges, customer may have to pay for the fare difference and service fee.

Same date changes zero fee

If you have booked your flight same day and you are changing your trip with in 24 hrs, there is no change fee but fare difference will apply. Zero Air Canada date change fee condition is applied only to the Trips booked and changes beyond 8 days, within 8 days this condition doesn't apply.

For more details contact Air Canada customer support +1(888)360-8383

Air Canada Changes due to COVID 19

Air Canada change flight allowed 1 time change free of cost due to COVID 19, Subject to availability of seats, for more details about your trip affecting due to COVID 19.. Contact Air Canada Customer Support at +1(888)360-8383

Change your Air Canada Flights 7 days prior to departure free of cost but fare difference may apply.

If your flight is cancelled due to COVID 19 Travel restriction, call Air Canada Customer Support and you may reschedule or reroute your trip. Full value of your tickets is available as the future credit valid for 1 Year.

If your new fare is less than the original fare, we'll provide you with a Future Travel Credit which can be used within 60 days to book any available travel. If the new flight has a higher fare, you'll need to pay the difference including any difference in government taxes and fees.

As an added benefit to our guests cancelling a reservation online, we will provide you with a $10 per one way (maximum $20) voucher to be applied toward future travel if the value of the reservation is less than the cancellation charge. We like it when you do things online.

Plans change – we understand – and that's why we offer several options on how to change/cancel your reservation. Trying to resell tickets would raise fares, and we’re trying to save everyone money!

Contact Air Canada for details on Air Canada Customer Support at +1(888)360-8383

Call Air Canada Customer Service to Change your Flight at +1(888)360-8383

Air Canada Date Change for Flight Flex Fare Type

With Flight Flex you can Air Canada date change your Trip with Zero Change Fee prior 24 hrs to the departure of your Flight, fare difference will be apply and in case if your new fare is lower than current fare, Air Canada will provide you with the Credit Voucher, Air Canada Credit Voucher can be used to book flights and other Air Canada services.

Changes within 24 hrs of your flight, normally tickets are non refundable and non changeable. Flight Changes within 24 hrs are not permitted. If you are changing for some unavoidable circumstance, we recommend you calling customer service and explain your reason for changes and Air Canada may allow you to change your flight.

For more information regarding Air Canada airlines date change you may talk to Air Canada Airlines Customer Care to Plan Changes to your Trip.